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Love of my life
Saturday, December 20, 2014 // 10:52 PM

For 2 years,I haven't updating my oh so called is a very quite a long period of time.
Now I am a graduated  diploma student in Statistic and currently pursuing my bachelor(hons) in Statistic at the main campus of  UiTM in Shah Alam.

A lot of things happen to me for the past 2 years and yes I'm improving myself in many ways.As a degree student,being independent is a must as we must deal everything by ourselves and alone.Except if you have a really supportive clique and helpful person in your life.For me,I am grateful for having both.

Just wanted to share the most significant date for me at the moment,which is on 18th May 2014.I try not to tell the detail of what happened on that date...just wanna make it special and become a memorable date for me.I am very happy now...and can I say I'm in love? 

It may seem quite possible for me to talk about love before as I am well-known among my friends for being arrogant around guys.But I already have a very special man in my life.Not bad huh!

Just a dedication for him!
Dear you,I know you've been waiting for me all these time and sorry for always ignoring you at first.You know how I'm not used to talk with guys and you are included that time.Deep inside my heart,you are the greatest man I ever met.Always cheering me up when I'm feeling low and sharing happiness together.A very responsible person I can say although you love being naughty sometimes! XD
What I can say for now,may we get pass through any obstacles might happen in future and graduated with flying colors for our degree life.Thank you for everything dear sweet you! =)

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